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GtkLauncher is dead long live VisualGST


I am working on the debugger for VisualGST :

Now you can step, step into, run and inspect the stack.


GtkLauncher 0.3.0

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In this new release you have an improved browser with better refactorings,
undo/redo support, file out for namespace, class, category, method.

Two new tools a Sender and an Implementor browser.

You can save the image.

And off course in this release there are a lot of bug fixes ;)

Enjoy GtkLauncher

Playing with Gtk and Cairo

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Writing a Widget Using Cairo and GNU Smalltalk

Cairo is a powerful 2-dimensional graphics library designed to support a number of modern graphics techniques
including stroking, alpha blending and anti-aliasing. It supports multiple output formats, which allows
developers to use the same code to display graphics on the screen, print them to the printer or accelerate
them with OpenGL.

Here is a screenshot of a cairo clock :


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I've added a two new tools in GtkLauncher :

 a sender and an implementor browsers

Gwenael Casaccio

GtkLauncher 0.2.0

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I'm proud to announce a new version of GtkLauncher an IDE for GNU Smalltalk.
In this version there is a support of syntax highlighter in the browser,
handling of per-workspace variables, and an improved inspector with adapted
views and you can dive/back in the inspector.

Have a look at :

Gwenael Casaccio

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