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GTK Tutorial for GNU Smalltalk


I am working on the translation of the PyGTK tutorial for GNU Smalltalk.

I've ported the 3 first chapters (mostly done for the fourth).
You can grab the zip file :
Or the source :

Gwenael Casaccio

VisualGST 0.7.0


here is a new release of the new IDE of GNU Smalltalk. With a lot of news :

 * a new interface with tabs
 * better sender/implementor tools
 * code clean up
 * improved debugger
 * bundled with GST
 * many bug fixes :D
 * ...

And as VisualGST is now bundled with GST, you can get it with :

git clone git://
autoreconf -vi
make install

and launch it with :


Playing with GNU Smalltalk, GTK and Cairo

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Now if you want to make a break after hours of development you can play with
Tetris under GST with GTK+ and Cairo ;)

You can grab it under the VisualGST SVN

VisualGST 0.5.0 is out


There is a new version of VisualGST (an IDE for GNU Smalltalk) with a lot of new things :

       - new IDE
       - new tools : Debugger, SUnit
       - Improved existing tools : You can use regex with the Implementor/Sender tools, undo/redo support 
         improved, compiler error(s) tabs, popup menu are enabled, browse the GST/GTK+ Documention, Shortcuts
       - Port of the Notification framework : Update the browser when you do a PackageLoader 
         fileInPackage: '...', ...
       - Change the project organization
       - Bugs fixing ;)

You need the GIT version of GST to use VisualGST 0.5.0


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After a great brainstorming session with Nicolas Petton (Thanks Nico ;) ). I've changed the main interface of VisualGST and introduced the history support for the navigation through classes. And now you can execute - do it, print, inspect, debug - code inside the browser.

Finally we're close to have a really great IDE for GNU Smalltalk.

Happy hacking with VisualGST !


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