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VisualGST 0.8.0

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VisualGST 0.8.0 is out:

- a new UI
- kill a lot of bugs :D
- internal design changes
- icons for the UI
- Menu, toolbar and popup menu builder
- Sidebar for sender/implementer
- correctly file out a namespace (will be used for packages)
- ...

This release should be more stable, I've removed
the last know bug that crash VisualGST.

What are the plan for the next release:


– PackageSource it will generate a package source and its dep file.
– Bug fixing (yep again :-P)


– write unit test
– Include preferences framework
– migrate to the new state refactoring
– package management within VisualGST with a tool like we
have in linux distro (list of repositories/list of installed packages/…

VisualGST 0.8.0 Beta 2

Hi all,

I would like to announce the second Beta of VisualGST 0.8.0
Here is the changelog of VisualGST:

- Class name displayed on tab (Done by Nicolas Petton)
- bug fixing
- file out of namespaces with extensions support
- commands improvements (menu and tool bar refactoring)

Here are the tasks for the third beta:

- test the commands

I would like to thanks Nicolas Petton and Paolo Bonzini for their help ;-)


GNU Smalltalk Sprint


Hi All,

The GNU Smalltalk sprint will be done during this week end (11-12 December)
It will be done on IRC #gnu-smalltalk on Freenode (
and it is open to everybody :)

Some proposed tasks:
- VisualGST
- Coverage tool (for method-coverage, it can be based on gst-profile)
- SUnit testcases for CObject and everything not currently covered
- Fixing the compiler (
- Fixing gst-remote ( and
- Fixing GTK on OSX
- Packages (atomic loading, package builder, ...)
- Allow VisualGST to hook up to a headless gst like gst-remote does.
Just imagine how much fun working on a running Iliad app you could
have with this.

GNU Lightning binding

Hi everybody,

Mathieu and I are proud to announce the first release
of the GNU Lightning binding for GNU Smalltalk. GNU
lightning exposes a portable interface for generating
machine language at run-time. GNU lightning is fast and
tries to be as little intrusive as possible, so that the
generated code can also be optimized easily. So far,
it has been ported to the x86, SPARC and PowerPC

You can find the source code here:

To install it:

git clone git://
autoreconf -vi

GTK Tutorial

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Thanks to Nicolas Petton ;)
The GTK Tutorial is now hosted :


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