Forget Safari, Firefox, IE 8, ...

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Now we have GST-Web Browser ;)

The only thing that you need is GtkWebKit ;)

GST is beeing very very pretty. I have an eye on it.

Is GST, udner GTK more stable than under TK?
Debugger works?

I think this 2 is the only things stops me to use GST at the moment.

GST with GTK+ is pretty stable, I can use it without any crashes ;)
And I'm working on the debugger.

Sorry about that, it is not usual for me to ask for this, but ...

What is he distro/desktop/theme used in this screenshot ?

This KDE 4.2.1 ;) and this is the oxygene the kde theme for GTK+

Do you have access from GST to the contents of the page?


I think it should be possible with the WebKit API, I've only a small support of the API.


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