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Hello World!

Hello!, I'm a 30yr old programmer from Salem, India. I first encountered Smalltalk in a demo of Visual Age Smalltalk that came with the OS/2 Warp CD. I was simply blown away by the visual programming that was demoed. The first Smalltalk that I actually played with was GNU Smalltalk version 1.1.5 (at that time the interpreter was called mst iirc) that came with Slackware Linux circa 1996. After that I played with other smalltalks including VW, ST/X and Squeak but GST has always remained my favourite mainly because it is both fast and free :) GST performs quite well in the language shootout considering that the collection classes are written in Smalltalk and not in C as is the case with others like Perl, Python and Ruby. Squeak is good too but back then I kinda got lost in the squeak world :). GST otoh, being file based, was easier for somebody from the C/C++ land.

I've been a silent lurker on the GST mailing list for many years now and it is nice to see the project picking up momemtum. Also good to see is the focus shift towards a scripting environment. Unlike the past, learning smalltalk is not a problem nowadays thanks to the number of excellent books freely available. I once again plan to study smalltalk "properly" and hopefully contribute to the development. Here, I intend to post my progress and also talk/ramble/rant/suggest ideas for future development.

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