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The absolute beginners guide - Part VII - for gnu-smalltalk/gtk (ComboBoxes)

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After I got now through the creation of combo-boxes, I just want today explain the creation-process.

Update warning:
|Currently, I use 2 extensions to the GTK.GtkComboBox instance in this example. But I currently don't know, if there should be another way or if these changes will go into the original distribution. If that will be clear one day, i might update this thread accordingly.
Might be updated in the future...

The absolute beginners guide - Part VI - for gnu-smalltalk/gtk (RAD with gnu smalltalk, gtk and glade)

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After I had some issues with the planned subject of the next guide, I switched - for an example - to glade and would like to show, how you can do RAD with glade and gnu-smalltalk. It's really easy and fast, and you won't blow up your source-code with the complete gui-creation stuff. As an example I picked a password-generator, because I frequently have to set passwords for different user etc. in the company I work for.


The absolute beginners guide - Part V - for gnu-smalltalk/gtk (toolbars)

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The thing I want to show today, is enhancing the little application with a toolbar, so let's dig into this...

(Most of the applications which have menus, also have a toolbar. And it is realy easy to set up.)

The nice thing, all toolbar entries should be connected to an existing callback-method in our application, which is reachable already by an menu-entry. A toolbar is only a shortcut to an entry in the menu. So, we only have to design the user-interface, no additional business-logic is needed.

The absolute beginners guide - Part IV - for gnu-smalltalk/gtk (standard dialogs)

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I took a look into the standard dialogs and the first I tried out was the AboutDialog. It's pretty easy to handle, all you have to do is to instantiate GTK.GtkAboutDialog and set several values for displaying, call run and destroy and that's all.

Let's enhance our about-method with an example:

The absolute beginners guide - Part III - for gnu-smalltalk/gtk (application menu creation)

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Today, I'll talk a little bit about menu-creation.

An application does normaly not exist with only one window. You normaly have something to configure your app, or open files etc. These things are triggered through a toolbar or an application-menu.

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