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Iliad (subclassing Sessions)

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Hi again,

it took me some time today with big support from Nicolas, to figure out how to using an own version of a session.

And before you run into the same mistake than me, I would like to decribe the really simple steps to use an own Session for your Iliad-Applications.

I made some errors in reasoning, which was my problem at the end. But here's how a session could be subclassed and used.

Iliad (#show:onAnswer:)



Just a short example of the #show:onAnswer: method of Iliad.

You can call an additional web-page in Iliad and continue afterwards, if the user ends the work on that page, in the same web-page, where you started the call to this page without wild tricks...

So I created a new page for the I forgot my password case for the login dialog.

Iliad (session and statefull forms)


Hello again.

The weekend ends and I used today, to get a bit deeper into Iliad.

I created the login-dialog, which shows you, that if you open it again, the same data apears again that you already typed in and I used the session, to store a switch, if the user is logged in.

So, the first thing I did, was to overwrite the Application initialize method, to initialize the new switch, which I want to save into the session.

initialize [
    super initialize.
    self session preferenceAt: #userLoggedIn put: false.

One step further with Iliad

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Hi again.

Now I want you to show, how to use the subclassed Iliad.Application class as a real dispatcher.

First, I will create a menu-class, that our web-pages has a seperate menu. And this menu is the same on every page, I created an extra class for that.

First steps with Iliad (web development with gnu-smalltalk and Iliad)

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The last one and a half week, I was playing with seaside, but now, Nicolas Petton introduced a new web-development framework which is called Iliad that seems so interesting, that I decided to try it out for a new web application, which is currently in a planned status.

And because the documentation and howtos for Iliad is currently not widely accessible, I decided to write a bit about my expiriences.

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