MacPort's GNU Smalltalk Won't Build on Snow Leopard

I'm posting this on 2 March 2010. The blog preview seemed to think the current date is 31 Dec 1969!

I submitted a ticket report to MacPorts on 19 Feb 2010.

I checked Fink but it doesn't appear to have a version of GST.

I normally program Smalltalk in Squeak but I recently saw Timothy Budd's book, "A Little Snalltalk," and was quite taken with it. Unfortunately there doesn't appear to be an available version of Budd's Little Smalltalk so then I thought I would try GST. I'm at an impasse now unless someone at MacPorts finds the bugs in their GST package.

Thanks to jmr_mp at MacPorts, I got GNU Smalltalk running on my iMac today. jmr applied Paolo's patch but at first it wouldn't build for me. Then he discovered that MacPorts' rsync wasn't working and I was just rebuilding the unpatched GST every time. That's now fixed and GST builds on Snow Leopard just fine. Thanks jmr and Paolo and to all who commented.

Homebrew doesn't load on Snow Leopard 10.6.2 either. Very frustrating.

Here is said ticket I suppose:

Looks like a version problem with gmp… make sure you have the latest version of this.
Usually GST builds fine, last time I looked the problems were with the GTK bindings.

Your patch works for me, so thank you Paolo! I added a link to your patch to the MacPorts ticket at to give them a hint on how to fix it.

The recent comments about a patch are intriguing but I guess I have to wait for MacPorts to make the suggested changes. Thanks for all your help.

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