GNU Smalltalk running under Wine

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Well, the summary says it all. . The first small steps were done quite some time ago, by rewriting every shell script that did not really need the shell in C or Smalltalk. Yesterday I finished the job, so that now it's possible to just do ../configure --host=i686-pc-mingw32 && make.

It took a while for two reasons: first because I overlooked wineconsole and it turns out it's a crucial step to running GNU Smalltalk under Wine; second, because GNU Smalltalk runs at build time, and it has to interact with the Unix paths.

In the screenshot below, the wineconsole actually runs the MSYS shell from which in turn I started gst:

Packages currently cannot be loaded even though they are built correctly. Then it will be time to test sockets and GLib/GTK. Fedora 11 comes with prebuilt libraries; they are not perfect, but not having to compile them yourself saves a lot of time and I already tested that the bindings at least compile.

In the end, it's not something that everybody will want to do (you have to apply local workarounds for the first three bugs above). However, given that the virtual machine is nowadays pretty stable and changing slowly, it will be possible in the next few months to start distributing automated binary builds of GNU Smalltalk. Cool, isn't it?

Compiling it just run fine, but when i try to make install, gst-tool, if i'm correct, complain when writing to $PREFIX/share/smalltalk/kernel. I'm pretty much sure that dir non write protected..

Uhmm..sorry, but I don't understand it. GST builds "out of the box" on Linux, why we would like to have it running under Wine? or is because you don't have a windows machine to test?

Can you explain it a little?

I'm confused

Yes, that's what the article seems to say about automated binary distributions.

I think the idea here is that compiling/building with Wine and MinGW means the maintainers can cross-compile and create a distributable binary package without actually *having* a real Windows machine.

Learn the difference between Wine and Mingw

This is Mingw running under Wine. Seen the window decorations?


I take it you mean mingw, not wine.

Wine is to run windows applications under linx.

It's Fedora 11, as I mention in the entry.

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