Fun with Cairo and libsdl

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Travis Griggs has been having fun with Cairo and, thanks to the contribution of Tony Garnock-Jones, so am I...

The Cairo and libsdl bindings (Cairo is drawing on a libsdl surface) is not yet in the FSF repository. I'm planning to put up a new git repository with my experiments as soon as possible!

Edit: I must point out that Tony Garnock-Jones is not the only contributor for this project. The Cairo bindings were originally posted by Mike Anderson, and the libsdl bindings are by Brad Watson. Tony put them together, added a nice Smalltalk interface to both, and posted his code together with a couple of demos.

Update: This stuff is now mirrored at in branch sdl; see the live sources page for more info on building from the git repository. You can get the screenshot with tests/gst examples/ within the build tree (tested only on Mac OS X).

Paolo, woot! That's way cool. It's fun, isn't it? It would be cool to look at another Smalltalk interface to it and see what parts were similiar and different. I do hope you post it and some instructions for those of us less versed in playing with GST.

Travis Griggs wrote the comment above, forgot to sign it.

aha, that makes sense now. Sure I will, compatibility is good. Do you have a pointer to the API documentation or to the Store repository for VW Cairo?

Yes, I will. Tony also has provided an example of how to restart the SDL display upon image load (which was a pain to work out, but now works too!) so all the ingredients are there for smalltalkers to have fun!

(btw, even if you're anonymous you can sign at the bottom! -- I assumed we know each other because you call me by name) or just register :-)

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