C Callouts #2


And here is a second tutorial on C callouts from GNU Smalltalk.

C Callouts


I've posted an intro on how to do C Callouts from GNU

Using the new PackageLoader feature when creating unit tests for DBD-PostgreSQL

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In the previous post I briefly mentioned the new feature of the PackageLoader that went into the development version of GNU Smalltalk. Today I am going show a usage of it.

GNU Smalltalk has a database abstraction called DBI and multiple backends (MySQL, SQLite and PostgreSQL). In general I am using the SQLite backend to develop my application and depending on the users (e.g. do I need concurrent access) I will move to PostgreSQL. When moving my new application to PostgreSQL the import of data failed and this was due some issues with the conversion of Smalltalk types to PostgreSQL.



GNU Smalltalk has the concept of packages for a long time. By default the gst-package application will read an XML file and then create a ZIP archive. This package format is called a Star archive in GNU Smalltalk.

When developing it is easier to just load the package from the filesystem and this is why we now have the above PackageLoader>>#loadPackageFromFile:.

Using gst-profile to profile Iliad

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I am using Iliad for the configuration of my GSM Basestation (another blog entry will follow) and the response time has not been that great when showing a lightbox (e.g. the one from todolist example). I wanted to see where Iliad is spending the time and potentially improve the performance of either GNU Smalltalk or Iliad.

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