GNU Smalltalk 3.0c


GNU Smalltalk 3.0c will shortly be available from


Version 3.0c is a feature complete development release. The new features compared to 3.0b are:

GNU Smalltalk 3.0a


GNU Smalltalk 3.0a will shortly be available from


This is the first release of GNU Smalltalk including support for Seaside. Therefore, the release cycle for this release will be shorter, and the first release candidate is out 2 months after the 3.0 release.

Other changes include:

GNU Smalltalk 2.95h


The third (and hopefully last) release candidate for GNU Smalltalk 3.0 can now be downloaded from


The only change from 2.95g is a fix for a garbage collection bug, that was not visible at runtime but could render saved images useless.

GNU Smalltalk 2.95g


The second (and hopefully last) release candidate for GNU Smalltalk 3.0 can now be downloaded from


Changes from 2.95f include:

  • The GNU Smalltalk VM is now built as a shared library.
  • Fixed a bug in class mutation that broke the GTK+ bindings.
  • Fixed a race condition in Process>>#suspend.
  • GNUPlot and SQLite bindings.
  • JIT compiler updated for new 3.0 features.
  • Updated ports, including Windows (MinGW), Mac OS X 10.5, arm-linux.

GNU Smalltalk 2.95f


The first release candidate for GNU Smalltalk 3.0 can be downloaded from


The new release includes the following changes:

  • fixes in the regex matcher handling of options m and s
  • fixes in Unicode handling; the example JSON parser now handles Unicode input correctly
  • up-to-date checks for the image use nanosecond resolution
  • the browser is now working with the new syntax
  • the known bugs in method recompilation and class mutation in 2.95a to 2.95e have been fixed
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